Learn How to Write an Essay Introduction with Examples (2023)

Essay writing is an easy thing to do but is considered a tricky task as it involves multiple steps. All the steps are equally important and need to be done carefully.

An essay introduction is an essential part of any essay. A writer must use the best words to write this part as it depicts the whole picture of an essay.

A writer wants to impress the readers and convince them to read the complete essay. To make sure that the reader reads your essay until the end, make sure to write a good introduction paragraph.

Keep on reading this blog and learn how to write the perfect catchy introduction for your essay.

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Learn How to Write an Essay Introduction with Examples (1)

What is a Good Essay Introduction?

An introduction is good if it gives a clear idea of what an essay is about. It tells the reader what to expect from the type of academic writing you are presenting.

Make sure that you do not reveal all the information in the part of the introduction. This will result in the situation that the reader will not read your complete article.

A strong introduction is engaging, attractive, and also informative. It is essential to mention here that an introductory paragraph must not be too short or too long. Keep things on point as you will be elaborating critical elements in the body of the essay in detail.

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Learn How to Write an Essay Introduction with Examples (2)

How to Write an Essay Introduction?

For a well-written introduction, a writer needs to follow certain things. As for an introduction to an essay, a paragraph or two is written. In that paragraph, the writer has to convey the idea.

To ensure that an introductory paragraph serves its purpose, it is divided into a few components. Here are those components that will let a writer write an introduction for an essay quickly.

  1. Hook Sentence

    A hook sentence is a must for the introductory part of an essay. It helps to keep the reader engaged in your content and seek the reader’s attention.

    It is an attention-grabbing sentence that develops the interest of the reader. It develops the anxiousness of reading the complete essay.

    You can use the following as the hook sentence in your essay introduction:

    • A verse
    • A famous quotation
    • A question
    • An interesting fact
    • An anecdote

    All of the above are attention-grabbing things that prove to be perfect for a hook sentence.

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  2. Background Information

    Once you have provided an interesting hook sentence, it's time that you provide a little background information related to your essay topic.

    The background information should comprise two or three sentences. The information should include the reason why you chose the topic and what is the expected scope of the topic.

    Also, clarify the theme and nature of your essay.

  3. Thesis Statement

    A thesis statement is a significant element of not just the introduction but also the whole essay. It is a statement that gives an overview of your complete essay.

    It should be written in such a way that the reader can have an idea about the whole purpose of your essay.

    Before you write a thesis statement for your essay, try looking into some thesis statement examples. It will help you write a meaningful statement for your essay.

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    A thesis statement is mentioned after the background information and before the last sentence of the introductory paragraph. The last sentence of the introduction is a transitional sentence.

  4. Transition Sentence

    To end the introduction paragraph in a good way, a transition sentence is used. This sentence helps to relate the introduction to the rest of the essay.

    In such a sentence, we mention a hint about the elements that we would be discussing next.

Essay Introduction Template

Essay Introduction Structure

The essay’s introduction follows a very composed and simple structure. It has the following key terms and elements:

  1. Background Information
  2. An overview of the topic
  3. A thesis statement

An essay introduction outline comprises these elements as well.

An essay introduction outline comprises these elements as well.

It is very important to learn how to write an essay introduction properly. Here is the complete guide with a sample to help you understand the method of writing an intro for your essay.

Essay Introduction Sample and Writing Guide

Essay Introduction Examples

To make things easier for you, here are a few well-written examples for the essay introduction.

Argumentative Essay Introduction Examples

An argumentative essay is an important essay type. In this essay, we introduce an argument and support the side that we think is more accurate. Here is a short example of the introduction of a short argumentative essay.

“Could you imagine how different our world would be without the creation of the Internet?

The invention of the Internet has helped interconnect the world as nothing else has ever seen before.

Alongside global connectivity, the Internet and IT has helped create over 10 million jobs worldwide. Internet technology has given a significant and stable income to the world’s population.”

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Reflective Essay Introduction Examples

A writer writes a reflective essay to share a personal real-life experience. It is a very interesting essay type as it allows you to be yourself and speak your heart out.

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Here is a well-written example of a reflective essay introduction.

“Fieldwork experiences can often be a daunting way of conducting research, but they can also be fulfilling. I have had first-hand experience conducting fieldwork for my master’s degree. I learned some valuable lessons as a result of this. During my fieldwork in Rwanda, I realized that it was important to incorporate primary research data into my study, but because of a lack of data on my topic, I made use of other sources of qualitative data to validate my findings.

This strategy, according to Denzin (1970), is known as methodological triangulation, and it allows researchers to make use of various data gathering methods to ensure internal validity. Based on the use of methodological triangulation, I specifically designed interviews targeted at both elite groups and slum dwellers in Rwanda to investigate the thinking behind the urban policies designed by political elites, and how it impacts marginalized slum dwellers.”

For complete guidance, check a comprehensivereflective essay guidebefore wriitng your essay.

Controversial Essay Introduction Examples

A controversial essay is a type of expository essay. It is written to discuss a topic that has controversy in it.

Below is a sample introduction of a controversial essay written on “abortion”

“Abortion is the most controversial issue having no grounds of agreement among two polar aspects. The argument is life and death though the uncertainty of complication makes it difficult. I don’t believe in abortion because it’s murder; we are not the ones that can decide whether the person that a woman gives birth to should live or die.

Abortion is a life or death matter, having equal supporters on both sides. Yet, those supporters have one goal in common: decreasing the number of abortions and making abortion safer.

Abortion is defined as the “removal of the embryo or fetus from the uterus in order to end a pregnancy” (Dictionary.com).

Abortion is surrounded by many questions such as: Does the constitution defend a right to abortion? Does this include confidentiality? Is a developing fetus a being? Should the law allow abortions for rape or incest?”

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Learn How to Write an Essay Introduction with Examples (3)

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Tips for Writing an Essay Introduction

The following are some quick tips to write a good and meaningful essay introduction.

  • Stay to the point when writing a persuasive essay or any other type of essay.
  • Do not explain things in detail.
  • Add an interesting hook sentence.
  • Use simple but effective language.
  • Follow a standard structure for writing the introduction.
  • Avoid adding irrelevant information.
  • An introduction should include a thesis statement that grabs the reader’s attention.
  • Keep the type of essay like a persuasive essay, compare and contrast essay, etc. in your mind.
  • The body paragraphs should contain the background information.
  • Understand the subject matter.

These are some very simple tips that would help you write a good and appropriate introduction for any type ofcollege essay.

The essay introduction writing seems to be a very simple thing to do. Actually, it is one of the most technical things a writer has to do. If you are a beginner, it can be difficult for you to do this task on your own.

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Learn How to Write an Essay Introduction with Examples (4)


Barbara P (Literature, Marketing)

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Barbara is a highly educated and qualified author with a Ph.D. in public health from an Ivy League university. She has spent a significant amount of time working in the medical field, conducting a thorough study on a variety of health issues. Her work has been published in several major publications.

Barbara is a highly educated and qualified author with a Ph.D. in public health from an Ivy League university. She has spent a significant amount of time working in the medical field, conducting a thorough study on a variety of health issues. Her work has been published in several major publications.


How do you start a good introduction for an essay example? ›

Intriguing ways to start an essay
  1. Share a shocking or amusing fact.
  2. Ask a question.
  3. Dramatize a scene.
  4. Kick it off with a quote.
  5. State your thesis directly.
  6. Pick the right tone for your essay.
  7. When you're stuck, work backwards.
Jun 2, 2022

What are some examples of good introductions for essays? ›

Posing a question, defining the key term, giving a brief anecdote, using a playful joke or emotional appeal, or pulling out an interesting fact are just a few approaches you can take. Use imagery, details, and sensory information to connect with the reader if you can.

What are the 3 sentences for your introduction? ›

There are three parts to an introduction: the opening statement, the supporting sentences, and the introductory topic sentence.

What is a good introduction sentence example? ›

Think about it this way: a good opening sentence is the thing you don't think you can say, but you still want to say. Like, “This book will change your life.” Or, “I've come up with the most brilliant way anyone's ever found for handling this problem.”

How can I give a perfect introduction? ›

Just sit back and note down the following pointers on how to ace self-introduction.
  1. Dress Appropriately. ...
  2. Prepare What To Say. ...
  3. Begin By Greeting the Interviewer. ...
  4. Include Your Educational Qualifications. ...
  5. Elaborate on Professional Experience (if any) ...
  6. Mention Your Hobbies And Interests. ...
  7. Be Prepared For Follow Up Questions.

What is a good introduction sentence starter? ›

Below is a list of possible sentence starters, transitional and other words that may be useful. This essay discusses … … is explored … … is defined … The definition of … will be given … is briefly outlined … … is explored … The issue focused on …. … is demonstrated ... … is included …

What are some examples of introductions? ›

Here are a few examples of statements you can use to inform others you are making an introduction:
  • "I would like you to meet..."
  • "It's a pleasure to introduce..."
  • "I would like to introduce..."
  • "I would like to present..."
  • "May I introduce..."
  • "May I present..."
  • "This is..."
  • "My name is..."
5 days ago

What is the most important sentence in your introduction? ›

The most important sentence in your introduction is your thesis. (Typically, it is the last sentence of your introduction and should only be a sentence). II. Your thesis should be specific enough that it has stated your argument AND given examples (usually 3) of points you will argue in your body paragraphs.

How many sentences is a strong introduction? ›

Most introductions should be about three to five sentences long. And you should aim for a word count between 50-80 words. You don't need to say everything in that first paragraph.

How do you start writing an essay? ›

Begin with what you are ready to write—a plan, a few sentences or bullet points. Start with the body and work paragraph by paragraph. Write the introduction and conclusion after the body. Once you know what your essay is about, then write the introduction and conclusion.

How do you start an opening sentence? ›

6 Tips for Writing a Memorable Opening Line
  1. Start in the middle of a story. The first lines don't have to begin with long descriptions of a room's appearance or a character's personality. ...
  2. Open with a mystery. ...
  3. Flash back to the past. ...
  4. Describe the current state of affairs. ...
  5. Set the tone. ...
  6. Start with a voice.
Nov 8, 2021

What is a really good introduction? ›

A good introduction should identify your topic, provide essential context, and indicate your particular focus in the essay. It also needs to engage your readers' interest.

What should I say in my introduction? ›

Personal introductions should include:
  1. Name.
  2. Major.
  3. Expected graduation date.
  4. Career goals.
  5. Relevant experience (project, internship, co-op, etc.)

What is a successful introduction? ›

An introduction should include three things: a hook to interest the reader, some background on the topic so the reader can understand it, and a thesis statement that clearly and quickly summarizes your main point.

What are the 7 sentence openers? ›

Used at the beginning of a sentence, these words signal to you that a sentence opener follows: After, Although, As, Because, Before, If, Since, Unless, Until, When, While.

What not to start a sentence with? ›

Never begin a sentence—or a clause—with also. Teach the elimination of but, so, and, because, at the beginning of a sentence. A sentence should not commence with the conjunctions and, for, or however....

What are 10 good sentences? ›

Good sentence example
  • It felt so good to be home. 1136. ...
  • You have a good family. 745. ...
  • She is such a good seamstress. 684. ...
  • It was a good thing they were going home tomorrow. ...
  • It was all just good clean fun. ...
  • It meant a good deal to him to secure a home like this. ...
  • It would do no good to ask him why. ...
  • He had done one good deed.

What 4 main things should go in the introduction? ›

Introductions: what they do
  • i. Show that you have understood the title and what you are being asked to do.
  • ii. State your objectives in the essay i.e. say what you are going to do.
  • iii. Outline which aspects of the subject you are going to deal with and how.
  • iv. Indicate what you are going to argue.

What are the main rules of introduction? ›

The Art of Making Introductions: Four Steps
  • First, state the name of the person being introduced to. ...
  • Second, say “I would like to introduce” or, “please meet” or, “this is,” etc.
  • Third, state the name of the person being introduced. ...
  • Finally, offer some details about each, as appropriate.
Nov 3, 2007

What are the rules of introduction? ›

Making Introductions
  • Look at the person you are speaking to first, then turn to the other person as you complete the introduction.
  • Speak clearly. ...
  • Use courteous language. ...
  • Use preferred names and titles. ...
  • Teach children to use adults' titles, unless an adult specifically requests using his or her first name: “Mrs.

What are the 6 sentence openers? ›

There are six sentence openers:
  • #1: Subject.
  • #2: Prepositional.
  • #3: -ly Adverb.
  • #4: -ing , (participial phrase opener)
  • #5: clausal , (www. asia. b)
  • #6: VSS (2-5 words) Very Short Sentence.
Mar 26, 2019

What is a good hook sentence? ›

A question hook is when you ask the reader something that they can visualize and try to think of in their own minds. Then, the writer answers the question. Example: Have you ever watched the high-flying, jump shooting, slam dunking, ankle breaking players that play in the NBA?

What is a good last sentence for an introduction? ›

Thesis statement.

It is generally the last sentence of the introductory paragraph, but it may also be two sentences. The thesis is comprised of the topic, position (or opinion depending on type of essay), and normally, three reasonings.

How do you end an introduction? ›

Usually the thesis statement comes at the end of the introduction. It can be one or two sentences.

How do you end an introduction paragraph? ›

A thesis statement is usually at the end of an introductory paragraph. The sentences that precede the sentence will introduce it, and the sentences that follow will support and explain it. Just as a topic sentence introduces and organizes a paragraph, a thesis statement helps readers recognize what is to follow.

What is a essay example? ›

An examples essay supports, develops, and defends its thesis in a series of paragraphs, each of which typically illustrates one way in which the thesis statement can be supported.

What makes a good essay? ›

An essay should have a single clear central idea. Each paragraph should have a clear main point or topic sentence. Each paragraph should support or expand the central idea of the paper. The idea of each paragraph should be explained and illustrated through examples, details, and descriptions.

What is a good short introduction? ›

A self-introduction should include your name and occupation (or desired occupation) and key facts that will help you make an impression on the person you're communicating with. In a few sentences, cover the most important things others need to know about you.

What is a hook sentence example? ›

A question hook is when you ask the reader something that they can visualize and try to think of in their own minds. Then, the writer answers the question. Example: Have you ever watched the high-flying, jump shooting, slam dunking, ankle breaking players that play in the NBA?

What are the 5 parts of a good introduction? ›

The introduction must do five things: (1) it provides background to the situation; (2) it identifies the problem; (3) it argues that the problem needs to be solved; (4) it summarizes the solution; (5) it establishes the writer's credibility.

How do you introduce an introduction to a topic sentence? ›

Follow these ideas to create a topic sentence for multiple paragraphs:
  1. Identify the main point in your piece of writing. ...
  2. Write a sentence that connects to your main idea with a what and a why. ...
  3. Use the sentence you created as an opening statement. ...
  4. Create the first sentence in each supporting paragraph.
Jul 21, 2022


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